Human Looks is a pioneering luxury e-commerce business, offering an expert
range of items such as footwear, shirts, luggage, watches and accessories, as well as
an exclusive selection of the finest quality products from around the world.
Our footwear collections are made not only for walking, but also for style and
quality; they look good on the feet and are comfortable. We carry some of the most
exclusive European designers such as Andrea Nobile, Astro Enzo, Mario Alborino
and our own brand, Human Looks Edition.
In addition, our pricing is competitive with the best quality European made
100% leather shoes.
As an online e-commerce, our goal is to make each customer satisfied. Our
office is located at 6779 224 th Street, Queens NY, 11364.
Please feel free to contact us at ( number), or if you would like to visit our
showroom, it would be only by appointment during this time (……..)